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Past Speaker Presentations
Forest Damage/ Causes & Management
On June 25, 2022, we heard from Nathalie Heyblom RPF, a Forest Advisor with Forests Ontario. She provided an overview of the health of Ontario's forests and some of the causes of damage, both natural (wind storms) and invasive species.
Here is a link to her presentation: 
Beech Bark Disease Presentation

The guest speaker at our May 14, 2019 Forest Health meeting was Svetlana Zeran RPF, Planning Forester with the Bancroft Minden Forest Company. Her main presentation was on Beech Bark disease and its repercussions to our forests. She also had time to present the threat to Hemlock trees from the Woolly Adelgid. 

The presentation slides can be accessed from the following document links:

Vanishing Barns Book


At the 2019 White Pine Award meeting, Cathy Walton spoke about her new book, Vanishing Barns.

The book is available for purchase ($40 per copy) at the Simcoe County Museum, by phone (705-728-1388) or by sending an e-mail to

Resources - Forest Management & Tree Planting

Click the links below for useful forest management resources:


There are several tree planting and grant programs available through Forest Ontario (50 Million Trees Program) and your local conservation authorities. Access details via the following links: 

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