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The HWOA awards the Jack O’Hara Forestry Scholarship annually. This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a College or University student who has completed one year or two semesters in a Forestry Program or a program that impacts on Forestry. Applications must be submitted by December 31st.


To access the 2023 Scholarship Application Form [click here].

Scholarship Recipients - Last 5 Years

2019 - Jordan Killing, Forest Sciences, University of Toronto.

         - Naomi Butterfield, Forest Sciences, Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.

2020 - Rimon Keleta, Sault College

         - Ryan Patterson, Sir Sandford Fleming College

2021 - Rainer Kurt Dinkelmann, Master of Forests Conservation Program, Sir Sandford Fleming College

         - Caitlin Zvanovec, Forest Technician Program, Sir Sandford Fleming College

2022 - Lillian McDaniel, Environmental Management Program, Lakehead University in Thunder Bay

         - Seamus Connor Scime, Forest Technician Program, Sir Sandford Fleming College 

2023 - Jennifer Sarah Cann, Earth Sciences and Forestry Program, University of Toronto (pictured above)

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