September 18, 2021 - Jack & Janet McFadden's Property

15766 Highway 12, Port McNicol (West of Triple Bay Road)

Each Fall, members gather for a field day at one of our member's properties. Tours, hikes or wagon rides offer the opportunity to see how the property is managed and what plans may be underway. Please contact one of the directors if you like to host this event in future.

Our most recent field day was held in September 2021 at Jack & Janet McFadden's property near Port McNicol. In addition to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Huronia Woodland Owners Association and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Simcoe Forest, the theme was forest health and invasive species. Our tour was lead by Jim Eccles of Eccles Forestry who is the Project Manager of the new Huronia Community Forest Owners Co-operative. 

A selection of photos is posted below which clearly demonstrate the diversity of the McFadden forest.

2021 Fall Field Day - McFadden Property

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