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Fall Field Day
Next Event - September 28, 2024

Watch the Knothole for further details and an RSVP request.

Each Fall, members gather for a field day at one of our member's properties. Tours, hikes or wagon rides offer the opportunity to see how the property is managed and what plans may be underway. Please contact one of the directors if you like to host this event in future.

Our last field day was held on September 30, 2023 at the home of Sandy Agnew and Lynn Melnyk. After a meet & greet, we toured two adjacent properties to view examples of an unmanaged reforestation site (owned by the Huronia Nature Conservancy) and a recently thinned property (owned by neighbour Ernie Roskosch).

After lunch speakers were Travis van Engelen, the Tree Plant Program Specialist from the Severn Sound Environmental Association, and Lyle Wood of the Huronia Nature Conservancy. 

A selection of photos of past field days is posted below.

2023 Fall Field Day - Home of Sandy Agnew & Lynn Melnyk

2022 Fall Field Day - Valk Valley Farm

2021 Fall Field Day - McFadden Property

2019 Fall Field Day - Cameron Farm

2017 Fall Field Day - The Pasture

2015 Fall Field Day