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Huronia Community Forest Owners' Co-operative Pilot Project


The purpose of the Co-operative is to bring landowners together to apply best forest management principles that include carefully planned partial harvests (thinnings).

There are many benefits including creating economies of scale where costs can be kept lower for all participating landowners. There may also be a potential net revenue from what is initially harvested; however, the short-term goal is to control invasive species and allow native trees to become naturally established.


"Even more important than the money we earned from the forest thinning, was all the information we received about how to properly manage our bush for the long term" Jack McFadden, Huronia Community Forest Owner

The Huronia Community Forest Owners' Co-operative can help landowners to realize both ecological and economic benefits through good forest management. We are proud to work with The Couchiching Conservancy and the Simcoe County Forestry Department who are key supporters of our co-operative.

To access the full project outline document CLICK HERE

Watch this space and the Knothole newsletter for further information as this project moves forward.

To learn more, contact Jim Eccles (Project Manager) at or phone at (519)270-2938.


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