Welcome to Huronia Woodland Owners’ Association

The Huronia Woodland Owners Association (HWOA) was formed in 1971 by an enthusiastic group of landowners and land interest groups who wanted a forum for interested people to promote wise use of forest resources on private land. After more than 44 years of service to our membership our main purpose has not changed. We have a common interest in forestry and the wise long term use of the forest resources including as wildlife habitat, for recreation, and forest products.  We encourage anyone interested in our forests to join our membership.

Fall Field Day 2018 Events at Chris Ellsmere’s property:Location:

Green Sign Number- 1633 Horseshoe Valley Road

Plan to arrive at 9:30 am, when we will have coffee available to start the day, renewing with old and new acquaintances.

Starting about 10 am, there will be a walk around of the property.  The property was recently thinned.  Marking for the thinning was done by John Quick, who will explain his marking and the reasoning behind his choices. Ed Koski, who was the logger for the thinning, will also be on hand.  He will talk about how he went about the logging, his reasons for doing what he did so as to have the minimum amount of damage to the bush.

Another use of the property is Maple Sugar production.  Chris Ellsmere will talk about the pipe line he put in last fall, his generator and why he chose to install the generator.  There is also a full production Sugar Shack for us to view.  John Williams (who installed the pipeline) will be on site in the afternoon to explain the installation and why he laid out the pipeline in the manner he did.  John Holmes of CDL will also be coming to the Fall Field Day to talk about maple syrup equipment.

Chris Ellsmere will also give us a demonstration of his Sawmill.  Converting a round portion of a tree into planks is always an amazing activity to watch.

Bev and Chris Ellsmere are busy planning our coffee breaks and lunch, in their fantastic hospitality style. Lastly, Chris is arranging for a draw at the end of the day.  He always has such amazing prizes for the perfect end to a perfect day.